My First Book!

I wrote this book for those of us on the plus side of forty, who want to travel but don’t have tons of money, or who don’t want to get stuck on a tour bus all day long. This book will help you get to London, tell you what equipment you need, where to stay, how to get around and what to see, all without spending a lot of money. It is based on things I have done myself, after I retired.
This book will guide you through finding inexpensive flights, accommodation in London, how to get into London from the airports, etc. Practical information, useful and simple information. All the links are provided so you can use this to plan your trip. Use it as a starting point, or plan your entire trip from the information I provide. When I retired I decided to travel, but no one would go with me. I was determined to go anyway, so I did! I searched and planned, and made mistakes, so this book is the result of what I learned.
I hope this book encourages you to travel, even if no one will go with you. Don’t let that stop you!
There are sections on flights, hotels and hostels, the Tube, the trains, the buses, what to see, ideas for local food, and how to call home.
If you do read this book and it helps you, please leave a review and let me know how I helped you, or how I could improve the information.

About C. A. Metzger

I write travel books and am working on a detective novel set in Cleveland in the 1930's.
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